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solo founder launch

solo founder launch
Photo by Pema Gyamtsho / Unsplash

X2Image became 5th at ProductHunt last Friday. Fair enough.


Honestly, I didn't build a community in the form of a Telegram group or Discord. But I get the support from a "soft community" (just invented the word xd) that I've been building for months.

I supported almost everyone who asked for support. If they asked for an Upvote, I hit Upvote! If they asked for something I knew, I shared.  

And of course, it's not just like "upvote for upvote back game". I realized even the people who didn't engage with me at all replied and gave support. I relate this to the language I use on Twitter.

I use Twitter like a diary without revealing too much about my private life. Sometimes I become inspiring, sometimes arrogant, sometimes helpful, and sometimes awkward. But that's me. I am not playing a game and people notice this. (Hopefully!)

So, somehow our roads came across somewhere but we're not necessarily in a Telegram group.

Yeah, basically I scheduled the launch and sent a bunch of DMs to fellas on Twitter. Plus, I tried to sharpen its messaging as much as possible. (after years of experience writing bad copy) ... and of course, engaged with almost all comments.

Also, I should admit that X2Image is a type of product that ProductHunt people like.  

Be careful with spam comments! - You should watch out for spam comments and report them immediately, otherwise, your product may lose reputation.

In short, it's all about; Community, Copy, and Caution.

What could be better?

I could use a Twitter DM tool, instead of writing DMs to everyone manually. I slept late and my Saturday was shit. Literally.

What's after?

Keep momentum. Make X2Image profitable. Set up a team around. Then hopefully move to the next product. On the way to grow Mountain Labs!

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By the way, I've talked too much about Twitter in this post 😅. In case you want to follow -> twitter.com/omertaban.