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indie hacking dead ?!

indie hacking dead ?!
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash

You must have heard some big accounts spreading the message that indie hacking is dead last week.

I can hear the voices from back saying "Hey but we just started!" ahah :).

No worries. If you learn and practice bootstrapping techniques you have a big advantage in the times VC money dries up. Most importantly you get mental durability in survival times.

The instability in the globe makes the cash more valuable. So banks raise interest rates to get the cash in. It's understandable that capital moves from adventurous startups to safe banks in harsh times.

In these times, if you're bootstrapping, it's time to do more business development instead of investing time in products. (telling myself too!)  if you're already VC-funded, then you better focus on short-term revenue-generating roadmaps.

To wrap up, nothing can beat a dedicated entrepreneur that ships constantly and spreads the word 💪

Meanwhile, I have some news from Mountain Labs!

If you don't know, we're a product lab that delivers services like product positioning, roadmap planning, and funnel design...  We make our products too.

We combine all these experiences and take our road ahead!

Our MRR plays around $3K to $7K, to scale it up we prepared a landing page and then I asked fellas on Twitter about the domain. Results are;

And, we deployed mountainlabs.io! 🥳

I expect this website to speed up our business development efforts. Also, I started collaborating with marketers and salespeople on a commission basis.

If you wanna make money along with us, drop a message at mountainlabs.io/contact.

What's next?

I have a strong urge to take mountainlabs.io to ProductHunt. It's been some time since we focused on products, it's time to do more business development and marketing.

That's all from the last 2 weeks. Let's see how things will evolve. See you by mid-October.

All the best,