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A happy life is not looking future and keep asking with passion. In fact it's more about focusing today. If your life is a wall, each day is a brick in that wall.

If your days are full of anxiety and stress, your wall will not look good when it's complete. They give the shape to your life and you can't go back and fix that rotten bricks in your wall anymore. No matter what is your career & life goals. Keep your wall neat & clean.

But.. how?

We make plans. Life won't follow our plans, in fact we need to follow what life brings. Sometimes we want to pass some chapters fast and sometimes we don't want some moments end. No matter what happened in the past and what could happen in the future. You capsulate your mind for today. You see the sun today? Now it's time to do your best. You can't control tomorrow. You can't change the yesterday. Stop anxiety and mourning. Go for today.

If you keep doing this constantly (not easy though xd),  you will see your mood stays stable, this will affect your communication and probably you will get more opportunities in the life.

Sometimes I find myself trying control things more than I should. In fact, life is not a combination of states you can control, it's a flow you should kayak on. You can't make it slow, you can't make it fast. That's not in your control. What you can do is the pick up the opportunities, the flow brings.

Setting goals are essential though. But goals should be abstract and meaningful.

Certain things bring satisfaction for almost everyone. Like discovering new stuff, building a family, helping others who didn't have equal conditions in their early life. When you set numeric goals, you try to hold a state in flow which is not how life works.

I find similiarities between how life works and Shrödinger's cat case. When you put a numerical goal in the life, like you want to hit certain financial state, you want to have X car, wanna buy X house. This means you want to observe/experience a specific condition in the flow while killing all other conditions/opportunities.

Okay! Enough with philosophy for now :)

For those, who are looking for news from Mountain Labs:

As you know, we develop a Chrome extension for people who want to re-use Twitter content in other places. It's called X2Image.

X2Image earned new capabilities. You can;

  • Change dimension: Vertical for Reels, TikTok. Square for Instagram, Pinterest. Horizontal for Linkedin and Blog Posts.
  • Change font
  • Can add custom backgrounds. (only pro accounts)

Some weird things happening in Norland App as well. It's downloads started to pick up after 6 months.

You know what's funny I had shut down the backend because of low traffic a few months ago. 😳

We will make the backend alive asap.

If you're new to newsletter, you may not know the Norland App. It's an app where you can save and showcase your work on a calendar. You can share your calendar with others with a public link to attrack opportunities and express yourself. You can check on Google Play by searching "Norland"

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