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Convert ignorance to the hunger for knowledge

Convert ignorance to the hunger for knowledge


Hope you are doing well in the place and the time you are reading this piece of text.

I'm a guy who likes to build things first, if it fails then I read the instructions. I went through hundreds of failures in my jobs and projects. (There were big ones as explained here.)

I know it's not the ideal way, but when I wait to be ready to start building something. (watching tutorials, reading books, etc.) I don't know what to focus on and what to ignore in that hell of knowledge. I get lost and quit.

When I try and fail, I feel a strong hunger for knowledge.

That hunger makes me put extraordinary attention to reading instructions. I know where the failure comes from so my brain becomes selective on what to focus on. I can go behind what is written and match with the challenges in the process. I get the best from that book or course.

When I go back to the building, I can address problems easily and find solutions like never before.

Hence, instead of worrying, hesitating about if you're ready or not, start building. Failure will convert your ignorance and fears to a hunger for knowledge. It sets down your excitement but makes you a wiser guy.  

Just knowing how it should be done is not enough. You need to know also how it shouldn't be done.

W/ greetings from the foggy hills.

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