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not easy

not easy

I started my English Twitter almost a year ago. It had 200+ followers by that time. Now it's 1.5K. I can't say it's a big deal but I find this stage fairly successful.

It was around May 2023 I reached over 1.2K and started getting a considerable reach on Twitter. Then bummm! algo changed and my reach is downed big time.

New algo dictates you should make comments on other's posts. It's not important how valuable your posts are if you're not a "big" account. I don't have a problem with commenting in other's post if I am genuinely interested in that topic, person etc.

But problem is I can't be genuinely interested with 20 people/posts everyday. In fact, I am not a very extrovert person.  Not counting how my feed quality downgraded after algo updates. I miss the old feed and actually I was able to engage with more people in previous version.

In short when I was feeling like finally things started to pick up on Twitter. Now I see attention is moving to other platforms like TikTok. I had a big bias(negatively) on TikTok. But when I checked recently, I've seen that the number of likes, views, comments are insane. It's much ahead of even Instagram. Wow!

It looks like time to get a vlog kit and start recording videos. I know it could be late to say this at the moment but you can't start anything if you think in that way. Another great way to make videos will be exporting my tweets in a video format. Hence x2image roadmap will take a shape in that way.

I have a lot to say. I am mixed up with emotions in past two weeks. It's really difficult to keep up a healthy psychology in this part of the world. This is what I mean 👇

As someone living in Turkiye and been a few places in the region. Having friends that losing their relatives brutally and continously is painful. As you know many civillians are died in past two weeks in the war between Palestine and Israel. It's not like I learn things from the news like most people do. I actually lived with Palestinians and I felt in bottom of my heart that how problematic and traumatic to be a citizen of a country that does not have a state.

Besides the wars, you can find the most welcoming hearts and generous hands in this region. I have no idea if it's leaders or politics or something else creating this much conflict. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Throughout the wars, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Republic of Turkiye. I hope the Republic reaches many centuries in peace and prosperity by providing value to world and contributing peace.

And yes, I became 30 last week. My twenties were full of challenges and transformations. Do I expect my life will get steady in 30s, not really. I pray for it's gonna be most active decade. I am prepped for this. (Hope so :))

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