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audience vs network

audience vs network
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A year ago, if you ask me how to start an entrepreneurship journey, I would say document your journey on internet and start building an audience. But if you ask same question now. My answer is not same.

The game is simple, it's making a unique, useful(or enjoyable) product and distributing it well. There are two categories, B2C and B2B.

If you build a B2C product then you should sell in low prices (< $20/m). You must have a tremendous reach to establish trust among the masses and count that building a following is much more difficult now than before on Twitter. So B2C market is not really where you want to start.

You are just starting and you need to make a several thousands USD per month to turn your wheel. That where B2B begins and in B2B "network" beats "audience" especially in the beginning. I would put an exception for those who selling info-products.

If you're selling a book or a course giving priority to audience over network makes sense. I notice that the one's sell info-products also promotes building audience from an upper voice. I understand it works well for them but not for everyone. Don't fall into that trap.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying building an audience has no value. It has definitely but building a network has more potential than building an audience in the beginning.

What is a good strategy for building a network?

Good question. I don't think I have enough experience to claim an authority on this but I would say sincere communication is at the core. Also don't try to market yourself/your product. You should remember you're already useful for some people at somewhere. You don't have to push for. Just be in places. Express yourself. Tell you what you/your product is good at. That's it.

Building a strategy for everything makes things formal. Sometimes you should just be the pawn on the chessboard and fight for your honor :)

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