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Nice to see you again here,

We're missing one thing in our products. Especially in the first versions. Although it's the most important part of your product roadmap. Feedback loop.

It's essential to get some insights and comments from your early customers. They're like an oil lamp in a dark cave for a Product Manager/Entrepreneur. Sometimes this could be a Telegram group or a form of questions, even a contact us popup with a set of questions.

I didn't miss this nuance in the last product.

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter. (@omertaban) I've anounced the X2Image recently. A tool that converts tweets to stylish screenshots. It helps people to distribute Twitter content in other platforms. Good for solopreneurs or solo marketers who want to keep up in all platforms and don't wanna deal with Canva etc.

I was looking for a way to get feedback from users. My search ended up with a free Typeform template. (https://www.typeform.com/templates/t/product-market-fit-survey-template/)

‌‌It has almost all questions that I wanted to ask but there is a crucial question that I want to share.

If you get "Very Disappointed" replies to this question from the >%75 of users. Congrats! You made it. You're already reached or very close to product-market-fit.

There are other questions like below.

How often do you use our product?
Have you ever recommended us to friends or colleagues?
What do you think sets us apart from our competitors?
What could we improve on?

All these questions aim to understand how your product gets a position in user's head. Therefore you can set priorities in development line as well as draft marketing content.

Let's see what answers we will get for x2Image. Subscribe me to see how answers will convert to features and priorities in upcoming weeks if you haven't. (Enough for ads! 😊)‌‌‌‌

Besides that...‌‌‌‌

We're developing a website for Mountain Labs. Finally. 🫠 A simple, compact, to the point website. Happy to share openning message.

It will be a website that reflects our values, and inspirations. It will contain our work & products as well.

Before we end...

Expect a PH launch in the upcoming weeks for X2Image. Waiting for your support!

That's all for the last two weeks! Planning to meet you again at mid of September with a load of insights from the PH launch. Hopefully!

All the best,