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Caucasian Mountains

Caucasian Mountains

I'm back.

It's been a week since I traveled to the Caucasian mountains which are great to refresh and unwind. My travel was more like a digital nomad style. I was working on weekdays and going around at weekends.

My tent office looks like this 👇

There is a saying I love:

"The place you belong to is the place you can grow at"

I think that place is the Caucasian mountains for me. It's not only about beautiful landscapes. It's about culture and vibes over there. In fact, the place inspires the company name: "Mountain Labs"

Since we mention the company, I would love to share some updates about what are we doing recently.

Tweet2Image(X2image) is almost there. Since Elon changed Twitter's name I changed the extension name to X2Image.

The extension development is completed. We're preparing the landing page and sub-pages. You will see the updated version in Chrome Store and Firefox Addons soon.

We're going a bit slow in products since we have to handle cash flow with freelancing.

Most of the subscribers of this newsletter will remember the first Norland App. Those who don't remember can check this presentation. 👇


We paused this project due to a lack of interest from the market although we feel sad each time we check app screenshots. I've got some plans to bring it back with a different value proposition. Let's see how things will evolve.

Besides that, Ogün(FE Developer) is working on a newsletter tool. I will reveal the details about the newsletter tool later.

We're going to have a new office.

🥳 We got accepted by one of the biggest startup incubators in Turkiye. Bilisim Vadisi (IT Valley).

I'm expecting this place to help us to meet new people, and expand our network. I'm pretty excited and wishing it will provide access to new opportunities.

You can expect me to send more photos of the interior on Twitter. (twitter.com/omertaban)

That's all from me this week fams. Catch you next week!

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