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I wish I knew these before the PH launch

I wish I knew these before the PH launch

"Hell yeah! All bugs are cleared. We can go to Product Hunt now."

That's what we said when we launched patron.ai. 4 years ago. Nowadays we're getting prepared for another launch(nor.land) and this is the strategy we're following.

1. First user, first.

We have used a high-touch approach to find our first customer before investing a big chunk in paid ads. We have contacted them by Twitter and worked very well.

I know it's not scalable but the scalability is not on the table yet!

2. Community.

We're going to create a Discord community once we reach 20 Norlanders (Norland users). Yes we didn't reach there yet! Please download the app and subscribe. Thanks :)

We're going to share content that will inspire them and help them to find jobs. (That's our promise in the product)

3. Zoom meeting before the PH launch.

Infographics are ready, the landing page is shining. You will rock the Product Hunt.

Calm down Rocky!

We're plannig make a tiny launch with Norlanders before we go to PH in a Zoom call. The value proposition could be over-explained or over-simplified. Better we get feedback before the launch.

Yeah! then we're ready to go. Hope you have got ideas about creating a Go-To-Market strategy.

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